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Reviews for Maricopa Animal Hospital

over a year ago

MY Vets!!! – It is really unfortunate that someone had a bad experience with Maricopa Animal Hospital. I have been more than fortunate in my experiences with them. Dr. Anderson has an amazing ability to comfort and calm even my most timid cat. Not to mention all the wild feral cats my children have dragged home and which Dr. Anderson cared for with little to no fee. Wish she could have done the same for my kids when they got Cat Scratch Fever from the same feral cats. She recently did major surgery to remove mammary growths on our little tiny Yorkshire Terrier.

I also noticed the drywall and speckling, but being familiar with patching drywall I naturally assumed they were fixing the wall. I think I might have been more concerned if they left a hole in the wall! My biggest concern is not the accommodations but the best care for my friend. I really love all the people I have met and worked with at Maricopa Animal Hospital. We couldn't have ask for better care.

As far as the vet techs go we have also had nothing but positive experiences with them. One of them has even gone so far as to come in early to open so that my pet could get care. It wasn't Garret, however, I have had him working with my pets and never had a problem.

Everyone can have a bad day. I know when my furry friends are hurt or sick I am not at my best. Maybe it is the anxiety or unexpectedness of it. No one can ever be as loving toward our pets as we are. But I don't believe a vet who has gone through the trouble to get a very expensive and time consuming education is going to deliberately mistreat a pet or a paying client. A bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Having been a client for some years with many pets, I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson as well as her vet techs. I wouldn't place my best friends in her hands otherwise.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The Absolute WORST Veterinary Clinic of all Time! Do not bring your pets here! The incompetent and cold Dr. Kelly Anderson & Garrett the vet tech, should not be allowed to care for animals.

When I arrived at this clinic for my appointment that had been scheduled, the receptionist asked me to put my cat (who was inside of a large pet carrier) on the scale in the entryway. She logged the "pet carrier + wt" all while seated behind the desk from the birds eye view of her chair.

Dr. Kelly Anderson had no problem allowing me to leave the office WITHOUT servicing my pet's medical care. Talk about lack of empathy for animals!

After having a scheduled appointment and waiting nearly 2 hours in the patient room with paint and drywall holes, I left the office in tears.

I recieved no apologies for the delay nor did a single staff member enter the room while I waited to notify me of a time-frame for service. I was offered the explanation by Dr. Kelly Anderson, with an obvious irritated tone of voice that "maybe this clinic isn't right for you" when I asked the tech (Garret) to be gentle with his handling of my shy timid cat.

Dr. Kelly Anderson may have been having a bad day, but the inadequate care, horrendous customer service, and lack of empathy for an injured animal is dangerous for pet owners.

Dr. Kelly Anderson, offered to stop treatment of the wound care after 2 minutes of cleaning when I asked a question. I was told that "if I was going to scrutinize everything she did, that she could discontinue the care." And that is exactly what she did, she walked out of my patient care room, made a few negative comments to the receptionist about me after opening the door to make sure there weren't any other poeple waiting in the front office that would hear her, and went right into another patient care room.

I was left to do nothing but leave the office without a properly cleaned and wrapped wound.

The negative attitude that I recieved from Dr. Anderson and Garret the vet tech was based on the fact that I asked if it would be possible to do the wound care and antibiotic dosage administration in the patient room where I could be there to comfort my pet, rather than in the back office with large barking dogs.


After the appalling ordeal, I still offered to pay for the examination at the front desk before leaving. Adding insult to injury, IN MY BLUR OF TEARS I DIDN'T NOTICE THAT I HAD PAID FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S INVOICE! THE RECEPTIONIST GAVE ME ANOTHER PATIENT'S INVOICE.

When I returned home I reviewed my receipt only to find that I had been given an invoice from another patient with all of that customer's information, including their home address and phone number.


over a year ago

BEWARE! This not the place to take your pets...

over a year ago

Very Professional with reasonable rates – After reading the published reviews here, I had to write my own. Maricopa Animal Hospital is the only place in town to take our beloved animals. I own 5 pets and have owned as many as 8 at a time. Each of these animals were and are well cared for by the staff and the Dr's Shelle and Anderson. These physicians treat these pets as if they were their own. They practice preventative medicine and inform the pet owners every step of the way. The support staff and office staff are very professional and have always let me know how much a procedure will cost and if there are any doubts about treatment I may speak with the doctors at any time. This Hospital also is very community minded by holding open low cost clinics and vaccines on their days off. That, to me, is the most altruistic and admirable thing to do for ones community.

I have to admit that I, too, saw the notice on the door that "any abandoned animals left at the clinic after hours will be euthanized " . I realized it was put up in defense to so many irresponsible pet owners dropping off unwanted pets and litters on the doorstep of the doctor's office. What would you suggest the doctors do in order to curtail that practice? Stay on the porch all night to stop the ne'er do wells? The notice served a purpose. If anyone dropped off the next unwanted pet they were officially on notice to accept responsibility for their act of selfishness. (either not spaying their pets or not being able to support them when having a pet became difficult.) Having those doing the drop-off owning up to their actions was the purpose of the note.

When I see so many disparaging comments here it's necessary to read between the lines. It seems that some of these pet owners would much rather write poison letters (and line up family members to do it too) than to admit that maybe in their excitement or grief that something may have been missed in translation. When treatment is an emergency, there is plenty of room to misunderstand. And let's not forget......seeing a doctor and receiving treatment does not mean it is FREE. Many people are unprepared for an emergency yet many feel that the veterinarian is last on their list to be paid. BUT, many of these emergencies can be avoided with regularly scheduled veterinary visits. Many of the unhappy posters would have/should have known about their pet's health BEFORE the emergency if they had an established patient history with the doctors. I can't imagine how many times the Doc's must be asked by perfect strangers to allow credit for their very ill pet whose illness could have been prevented with vaccines. It's time these owners, too, accepted responsibility for their lack of care for their pets. I'm sure the Doc's have extended treatment courtesy or payment plans to established patients only because they know the pet/patient/owner. Many clinics have had to make billing changes because they are not afforded the respect and payment of fees that are afforded to other professions. This has been documented many, many times (especially during this economic downturn) WHY should the doctors shoulder any more of this responsibility?

Those in the field of Veterinary Sciences should be thanked for their knowledge, appreciated for their sacrifice and paid when services are rendered. Certainly not bad mouthed.

over a year ago

The Best – I have walked in without an appointment and could not have been received with more warmth or care.They have set up Spay/Neuter clinics to allow people to get their pets fixed without having to break the bank. When I couldn't carry in my big dog I just asked and someone came out to help get her out of the car. When I needed her lifted back in I didn't have to ask, they just did it. I am so glad to have such a great place to take my pets to. I love my dogs and wouldn't take them to someone I didn't trust. Thanks Maricopa Animal Hospital.

over a year ago

THANKS TO DR. SCHELLE AND DR. ANDERSON – The "redhead" must have been having a bad day. She is just the sweetest thing. She has driven out to our place when notified by a neighbor that our horse was down. She took care of him until someone could get there. Horse got treated, recovered wonderfully, no charge except for the meds. The Dr.s treated my cat for Urinary tract infection, rechecked her for free, but yes I did have to pay for the meds and lab tests. They have to send the labs out I believe. It wouldn't be reasonable to expect them to pay for the lab tests out of their pocket. It is sad that you had such a bad experience. I have to wonder what would necessitate the need to call the police? There is a civilized way to handle disputes without resorting to abuse or name-calling. No matter how good a Vet is they are going to be dissatisfied clients and even loss of life. It is part of being in any medical field. I can only speak from my experience but I recommend them and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Thank You Dr. Schelle, Dr. Anderson, and all of the wonderful staff, in particular the redhead, who saved our Dude and continue to care for all of our four legged and feathered friends!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

STAY AWAY – SSSSOOOO Misleading. Took my dog in for a bladder infection and was given medication, enough for 2 weeks. Dr. Anderson said he would need to be checked again in 2 weeks, I told her I have Multiple Sclerosis and am on disability, how much would that cost. She replied, A recheck is free, we are not here to rob people, but just to take care of their pets. I made the appt. for the day the pills ran out, but no doctor was in so the vet tech, (nasty old redhead), took my dog in the back and took the test. Proceeded to tell me I owed $32.00. I told her Dr. Anderson said the recheck was to be free. She said a recheck is for the Dr. to see the dog, but the lab work for the urinalysis cost $32. I said - No vet has seen him today. I left. That was on a Wednesday. I waited all day Thursday for a call with the results of the test, no call. At 4 pm on Thursday I called and asked to speak to Dr. Anderson. No call. Friday morning I called again and asked to speak to Dr. Anderson, the vet tech again came to the phone and said the bladder infection is not gone and he needs more meds. I said fine but I need to speak to the Dr. about other things. In that case I was told I needed to make an appt. I asked why she could not call me Wed. or Thurs. No answer. I made an appt, for 3:30 on Friday, was angry and hung up the phone. When I arrived at 3:30 I was told my appt. had been given to someone else because they were not sure I would show up. Of course I was off the wall angry, My dog has been off the anti-biotic now 3 days. Does the Dr. think she is God and does not have to talk to anyone on the phone? You have to make an appt. to talk to her? Then they cancel it? Do they think it is easy for someone with MS to get in and out of a car carrying a dog in a crate. They threatened to call the police on me if I did not leave. I wanted to get my records to bring to a new vet so I did not have to pay for retesting. They kept picking up the phone threatening to call the police, and then said, you still owe the $32 for the lab tests. So I left. Unreal. They care about pets or money? My dog still has been 3 days without antibiotic. VERY MEAN PEOPLE!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The most heatless and rude people you will ever meet! – I wish I could rate them with no stars...but that is not an option. The staff is so rude and truly DOES NOT CARE about animals. I will dont waste another DIME there! I now make the 40 mile trip into Phoenix for vet visits just to aviod these horrible people. When you walk through their door they have a sign that says "If you drop an animal here they will be put to sleep" Ya sounds like someone I want around my pets. Scum Bags!!!!!

over a year ago

Best Care – After reading the review of one of the clients of Maricopa Animal Hospital I have to write my own review. I am a client of Maricopa Animal Hospital (dare I say five times over) I have had both my dogs and cats spayed there. I always follow the cheap route just as the Uncle in the other review. I know that in a manner of speaking I am taking a chance by not getting the blood work. This was explained very clearly and spelled out as well in the papers I received prior to the procedure. Although I am no longer living in the town of Maricopa, I will drive the distance from Buckeye to Maricopa to have my pets taking care of by Maricopa Animal Clinic. Can't say enough about how well they treat my Mastiff, Yorkies and my cats!!!

Ps I reread the review, as well as the one from Mom, and the other on Yelp site. But the one on the Yelp site has to compete with all the positive reviews for Maricopa Animal Hospital. It is always sad to loose a pet, the unnecessary loss makes it harder yet. As pet owners it is our responsibility to take care of our pets. I personally am so tired of people whining and complaining and blaming everyone else. When do you take responsibility for being informed for your own health and your pets. You obviously have a computer, do the research yourself before you go in for procedures. Then you might have a leg to stand on when you start slinging mud. Really, I have had one of the vets techs actually drive half way to Buckeye with meds so I didn't have to go the whole way. You will not find a better place to take your pets than Maricopa Animal Hospital. It is too obvious that $$ is what killed Rosie, it was a desire to hold on to the $$. Now you have the $$ but no Rosie, so sad. It was not the greed of anyone but the owner. When you got the sheet of paper informing you of the risks involved, you signed it. It was your responsibility to read it, to be informed. You chose to take the risk on Rosie's behalf. A doctor can only do what they have consent to do or risk lawsuits with just such disgruntled clients as this.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

HEARTLESS!!!!!!!! – My uncle was trying to do the right thing and get his 2 yr old dog spayed and wanted to have it done at a vet clinic not a spay and neuter clinic due to the horror stories he had heard. He received a voucher through Pinal County and found out MAH participated in this program. My uncle had asked my mom if she would take his dog in since he would not be able to due to schedule conflicts w/ work and she agreed. So on the morning of 3/911she went in and the front desk lady took the dog and explained that since this was a special program they do not do blood work and that was the end of the conversation. My uncle came in that evening and picked her up and took her home.

Later that night she seemed realy out of it so he called the emergency clinic that was on Marciopa Animal Hospitals answering service and they said it all sounded normal. His 12 yr old son stayed w/ her through the night and early Thursday morning felt her take a deep breath and that was it she had passed away. The next morning the ver clinic called to check on her and he said she died and wanted to speak to the vet to try and get some answers of why his dog is now dead. I have worked as a vet tech myself for a lot of years and recommend to have them check her abdomen for internal bleeding. My mom had called and they advised to open her abdomen it would be $285 and this was not something my uncle could afford so him and his son put there beloved pet to rest.

Finally on 3/14/11 a vet not even the one who performed the surgery called my uncle and she advised that because it was the voucher program there was no monitoring done and oh yea her blood was not clotting well. WHAT!!! I think that it important to know so that definently leads to believe she may have died to internal bleeding.

The front staff tried to say they advised my uncle of this when he picked her up which was never discussed.

I had contacted this vet office myself pretending I had a voucher and wanted to know how the process worked. The woman I spoke with advised that it covers a basic spay which is $110 and pets need to have there shots, no bloodwork is done so can make them high risk, and they use a different anesthetic. I asked what the difference was and she said regular spay they use propaflo and iso gas (which is the safest way if anyone did not know) but for the voucher program they use dorm,dex and propaflo (this is a nasty cocktail that puts them out and is not as safe) I asked if they monitor the animals and she assured me they do. When I explained really why I was calling and that my uncles dog died and he was told by the vet they are not monitored she became very defensive. She tried to say that we should take responsibility and she explained that because no bloodwork she was high risk and could die. I advised if this was explained then they would have elected to do the bloodwork. I also advised that I did not understand why they would not open her abdomen to check for internal bleeding which the only thing she said was no vet would ever do that for no money, I advised that she was wrong and any moral vet would especially if they did not believe it was there error. Earlier in the call I had mentioned my experience as a vet tech so she stated you know as a vet tech that bloodwork is important and will not deny that but I have assisted in thousands of spau & neuters and never lost one even ones that did not have bloodwork. I asked her that if I am wrong correct me but if the vet did not suture the dog correctly she could have had internal bleeding and that will kill her. She started to say well but I said yes or no she said yes but if your uncle would have done the bloodwork then this probably wouldn't have happened. Later on Monday my uncle and mom went in, my mom picked up her pets records (obviously they would never ever go back there) and my uncle picked up his and also had a meeting w/ the vet. In the end they never had any compassion and kept putting the blame on my poor uncle.

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